Chimpanzee Facts, Habitat, Diet, Lifespan, Breeds, Images & Pictures

Chimpanzee Facts, Habitat, Diet, Lifespan, Images & Pictures

Here in the following post, I had shared all about Chimpanzee Animals such as Chimpanzee Facts and Information, Chimpanzee Diet, Chimpanzee Habitat, Chimpanzee Breeds, Chimpanzee Population, Chimpanzee Species, Chimpanzee teeth, Chimpanzee Images, and Pictures.

So, let us check about Chimpanzee Facts, Population, Habitat, Diet, Images & Pictures…

Chimpanzee Facts | Chimpanzee Fun Facts for Kids

Scientific Name:Pan troglodytes
Common Name:Chimpanzee
Other Name(s):Common Chimpanzee
Number Of Species:2
Location:Western and Central Africa
Habitat:Tropical forest and woody savanna
Colour:Black, Brown
Skin Type:Hair
Size (H):1m - 1.7m (3.25ft - 5.5ft)
Weight:26kg - 70kg (57lbs - 154lbs)
Top Speed:40kph (25mph)
Prey:Fruits, Seeds, Insects
Predators:Leopards, Snakes, Humans
Group Behaviour:Group
Lifespan:50 - 60 years
Age Of Sexual Maturity:13 - 16 years
Gestation Period:8 months
Average Litter Size:1
Name Of Young:Infant
Age Of Weaning:5 - 6 years
Conservation Status:Endangered
Estimated Population Size:100,000 - 200,000
Biggest Threat:Habitat loss
Most Distinctive Feature:Dexterous hands and feet and complex communication
Fun Fact:Has 32 teeth including fang-like canines!

Amazing Facts About the Chimpanzee & Chimpanzee Information

  • Chimpanzees are black, but older Chimpanzees individuals may have a grey back. Both genders often have short white beards.  The ears are prominent.

  • Infants Chimpanzees have a white tail tuft and pink to brown facial skin, which darkens by adulthood.

  • Chimpanzees have opposable thumbs and toes that allow for grasping, climbing, and object manipulation.

  • Chimpanzees behave in a way symbolising that they feel empathy.

  • Chimpanzees have been shown to have their own unique personalities.

  • Chimpanzees travel mostly on the ground but will mostly feed in trees during the day and make a new nest every night in the forest canopy to sleep.

  • Chimpanzees live in fluid social groups consisting of a core of many females and dominant related males, who are highly territorial and will routinely patrol their home boundaries.

  • Females tend to live a more solitary life than the males, often choosing to spend much of their time alone with their offspring.

  • Chimpanzee infants are completely dependent on their mothers until about five years of age. When males are between the ages of 8-12 years or adolescence, they will increase their independence and spend more time in the company of adult males.

  • Females tend to remain close to their mothers during adolescence, becoming mature at age 11 but only beginning to breed at age 13-14.  On average females will have about three offspring during their lifetime.

  • Chimpanzees have many different vocalizations from soft grunts and lip smacks to alarm barks and screams.  One of the most notable vocalizations is the pant-hoot used in situations of increasing social excitement.

  • Chimpanzees are also capable of learning basic human sign language.

  • Chimpanzees are classified as endangered in the wild. Aside from habitat loss, they are hunted for bushmeat and infants were taken for sale into the pet trade.

  • Chimpanzees are very dexterous and are able to manipulate objects in their environment in order to fashion and use tools.  These tools are usually used to obtain food sources. Sticks are used for termite fishing and ant dipping, leaf sponges to soak up water and, in West Africa, chimpanzees use specially chosen rocks to crack hard palm nuts, a behaviour that can take many years to perfect.

  • Baby female chimps were recently discovered playing with sticks like human children play with dolls.

  • Chimpanzees Diet: Their diet varies seasonally consisting mainly of fruit (~50-75%), but also leaves (~12-45%), seeds (~1-11%), flowers (~1-18%), and animal prey (~1-5%) such as grubs, wasps, termites, ants, birds and mammals including bush-pigs, rodents, duikers, and even other primates.

Chimpanzee Images and Pictures


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