Cotton-Top Tamarin Facts, Habitat, Diet, Lifespan, Images & Pictures

Cotton-Top Tamarin Facts, Habitat, Diet, Lifespan, Images & Pictures

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So, let us check about Cotton-Top Tamarin Facts, Population, Habitat, Diet, Images & Pictures…

Cotton-Top Tamarin Facts, Population, Habitat, Diet, Images & Pictures

The Cotton-top tamarin Monkey is a small species of monkey and Cotton-top tamarin Habitat in the forests of South America and nearby regions. The named of the monkey is given for its elegant white fur that continues to its head and shoulders.

The cottontop tamarin monkey spends the majority of their life in the trees of the forests from Costa Rica to northwestern Columbia. The cottontop tamarin monkeys are one of the smallest primates with a body length of 17 cm and 25 cm long tail. Their forelimbs are shorter than the hind limbs, and their thumb is not opposable and it does not have a prehensile tail.

The cottontop tamarin monkeys are the diurnal primate which is most active during the day and relaxes during the night in the safety of the treetops. They are very sociable animals and their groups have around 2 to 14 members. The Cottontop tamarin troops are led by the eldest female and have predominantly male members. The cottontop tamarin monkeys hunt on both, plants and other animals to survive.

The Cotton-top Tamarin diet includes Fruits, insects and green plants along with small rodents and reptiles, eggs and tree sap.

The Cotton-top Tamarin diet includes Wildcats, dogs, snakes and birds along with humans.

The Cotton-top Tamarin Breeds between April and July and female cottontop tamarin will give birth to twins. Their gestation period runs for four to five month. Both male and females take cares of the young ones. Cottontop tamarins Infant become mobile at 2 to 5 weeks and begin eating solid food at 4 to 7 weeks. Sexual maturity is attained at about 2 years of age.

The Cotton-top Tamarin Population is just 6,000 in the world. The main reason for is, they lost more than 75% of their natural habitat to deforestation.

Cottontop Tamarin Facts

Scientific Name:Saguinus Oedipus
Size (L):18cm - 30cm (7in - 12in)
Weight:220g - 900g (7.7oz - 32oz)
Top Speed:40km/h (24mph)
Lifespan:8 - 15 years
Conservation Status:Critically Endangered
Colour:Black, White, Brown, Tan
Skin Type:Fur
Favourite Food:Fruit
Habitat:Lowland tropical forest
Average Litter Size:2
Main Prey:Fruit, Insects, Rodents
Predators:Hawks, Snakes, Wild Cats
Distinctive Features:Small body size and long, thin tail

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