Green Bee-Eater Facts & Informations, LifeSpan, Diet, Images & Pictures

Green Bee-Eater Facts, LifeSpan, Diet, Habitat, Images & Pictures

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Green Bee-Eater Facts, Species, Habitat, Diet, Images & Pictures

The green bee-eater bird is a small species of bee-eater bird that can be found in the portions of Africa and Asia. The bird is also known as the little green bee-eater bird. The bird is one of 26 species of bee-eater, that primarily found throughout Africa and the Asian Continent.

When it comes to appearance, The green bee-eater bird is a small sized bird, that rarely grows more than 18 cm in length. The bird is easily distinguishable due to its specific bright green plumages as well as attractive long tail-feathers.

The green bee-eater also has long, sharp and narrow black beak that is absolutely designed for grabbing flying insects and pests.

Usually, the Green bee-eater birds nest between early May to late of June in holes, dug into the sandy banks.

A Female lay an average of 5 small, glossy and white eggs which are incubated for two weeks by both the breeding pair. As usual, the green bee-eater chicks are cared for by both of the parents until they leave the nest and reach to a month old age.

Green Bee-Eater Facts

Scientific Name:Merops Orientalis
Size (H):16 cm - 18 cm (6.2 in - 7 in)
Wingspan:29 cm - 30 cm (11.4 in - 11.8 in)
Weight:15 g - 20 g (0.5 oz - 0.7 oz)
Top Speed:42 km/h (26 mph)
Lifespan:12 - 18 years
Conservation Status:Least Concern
Colour:Green, Orange, Blue, Brown, Yellow, Black, White
Skin Type:Feathers
Favourite Food:
Habitat:Grasslands and open forests
Average Clutch Size:4
Main Prey:Honeybee, Bees, Flying Insects
Predators:Eagles, Storks, Raptors
Distinctive Features:Long curved beak and bright green plumage

Green Bee-Eater Images & Pictures


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